FeLiCa: A “robot” that gives you cash

by Mark R

At the iEXPO 2008 trade show in Japan, a new robot was unveiled. Actually, this really isn’t really a robot, because it is really only designed to stay in one place and do only one job.

The FeLiCa is a robot designed by NEC to be a payment terminal. Think of it as an ATM for virtual cash. The arm is equipped with a reader to check your bank account for a cellular phone. The screen on its chest is a full touchscreen that allows you to chose the e-money application that you need.

FeLiCa is also equipped with face recognition technology, and if I were NEC, I would put that right in the face of the android.

This is normally the part where I say that the FeLiCa is still concept technology and is not available at this present time. However, NEC has said just the opposite, and FeLiCa is actually available now. I don’t have any word on how to order one, or the price.

Still, I can’t help but wonder what the future will bring FeLiCa. They should really make them walk and talk, and be available at places where you really need cash. Then again, I can see muggers bashing these things just so they can get the real green inside. Maybe they can equip FeLiCa robots with guns.

Okay, my imagination is escalating again. However, if you want to give it a try, leave a comment on the future of FeLiCa.


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