The Loop Memory Drive

by Ally

Typically I am not a fan of the wearable USB drives, they usually feature overly shiny and obnoxious designs.  However, this new USB drive is plenty sleek and features nice clean lines.  No, it will never be deemed high fashion, however, it doesn’t look gaudy or cheap either.  Plus your USB drive being on a necklace means that you’re less likely to lose it.  Which is always a bonus when you use it on regular basis.

They come in either orange or white, so if you are a major fan of brightly colored items you’re in luck with this flash drive.  The chunky ring would make it easy to hold onto to insert or remove it from your computer.  It would also make it an odd enough shape that if it were in the bottom of your purse you could easily feel it out from the rest of the items.  They come with 2GB of storage for $59.  Which seems a bit steep for 2GB, but wouldn’t it be a convenient drive to own.

Source: Bltd

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