Lutron lets you dim your lights from your iPhone or IPod Touch

by Mark R

I have to admit, when I first heard the word “Lutron”, I thought it was referring to a Robot who could separate into other robots or vehicles. Oh wait, that’s Voltron! Lutron is a lighting company that has been around since the 60’s, and they developed the dimmer switch around that time.

Lutron has updated their services by offering a lighting system that is controlled by an iPhone or even an iPod Touch. It works by simply screwing wireless modules into the lamps themselves, and then you can take control.

By control, I mean that you can dim or brighten your lights from across the room by a mobile device. You can even use the application to split up the rooms of your house so you don’t lose track of what lights are shining.

This device is somewhat similar to the zControl from Actiontec, except you can only control the lights, not the other electrical appliances. However, that particular device will cost a little more than the free application for the iPhone.

Yes, that’s right, the app is free, but it is not available now. You should be able to get it in January. I highly suggest that Lutron have this application on display at CES 2009. Trust me Lutron, guaranteed sales.


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