The Itsy Bitsy Spider Cleaner

by Ally

Spiders are typically thought of as disgusting little creatures and not exactly something you associate with cleaning.  The creepy little crawlies make their icky webs in the corners of every room and usually at spots it’s almost impossible to reach.  Therefore a spider created to clean the screen of your monitor just seems a bit odd.  However, it is a spider with a  heart, so I’m sure that makes up for it completely.  A  little painted on heart definitely takes away from the whole creepy factor.

The spider’s belly is the cleaning part, just swipe him across your screen and it will be shiny and clean once again.  If your dirty screen has made the spider’s belly a little too dirty then you can easily clean him by placing some tape on it and peeling it off again.  It will pull off all the dust and dirt to make sure your spider stays clean for quite some time.  You can pick him up on Uncommon Goods for $10.  Which isn’t a bad price, even if it is a disgusting little spider.

Source: Nerdapproved

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