Navigon 8100T Gives 3-D GPS Maps

by Mark R

Previously, on Coolest Gadgets, we covered Navigon’s two new GPS, the 2090S and 5100 max. Navigon has recently introduced their newest Personal Navigation Device (PND) today called the Navigon 8100T.

The Navigon 8100T has a very interesting feature called the Panorama View 3D. This Panorama software uses NASA terrain data, so you will see landscapes rising and falling as you go, instead of the traditional flat map. I’m not certain how this works, but it might help to have a 3-D view of the Earth when looking ahead.

The Navigon 8100T PND also has other features including address entry via voice, text-to-speech functionality, and Bluetooth compatibility. There is also free real-time traffic for a lifetime, as well as Zagat ratings and reviews for certain Points of Interest (POIs).

Other features include Lane Assistant Pro to let you know what lane to travel in, as well as Reality View Pro for a realtime photorealistic view of more complex highway interchanges. Oh, I forgot to mention the 4.8 inch touchscreen!

So it would appear that the Navigon 8100T is one of the coolest Navigation tools out now, until holographic technology gets perfected. You should be able to pick it sometime later in November (hopefully before Black Friday) for about $599.


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Neagle Says: November 11, 2008 at 2:32 am

Something to wait for when the price becomes more reasonable.

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