Goodyear-branded commercial vehicle GPS


The NCC has already started working on a Goodyear-branded commercial vehicle GPS known as the GY500X. This unit was specifically designed for the trucking industry and drivers of various commercial vehicles including vans, railers, Recreational Vehicles and motor homes. This is more than a GPS built with commercial needs in mind, it was specially designed from the ground up to appeal to a trucker’s needs. Some of the key features found on the GY500X include :-

  • Up-to-date Commercial Routes
  • Height Restrictions
  • Vehicle Weight Restrictions and Weight per Axle Restrictions
  • Hazardous Materials restrictions
  • 4.3″ widescreen touch display
  • Bluetooth connectivity for hands-free conversation
  • FM Transmitter for car stereo integration
  • Points of Interest specific for Commercial Vehicle Drivers

In addition, the unit comes with commercial trucking-specific routes based on factors the driver can input such as vehicle height, vehicle weight, and freight contents. Talk about getting the best route calculated for you before even stepping out of the door! These units will be out sometime in the first quarter of next year.

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