Tomy Xiao TIP-521 digital camera prints as well

What is the normal process that you take when it comes to developing pictures? Normally, we will download all our photos from the digital camera to the computer, browse through the whole bunch and select what we like, sending them to the printers so that they will be able to give us real prints for posterity. You could call Tomy’s Xiao TIP-521 digital camera a Polaroid of the 21st century – this digital camera comes integrated with a printer, allowing you to print out captured shots instantly if you’re pleased with it. What makes this all the more remarkable is the printing is done without ink, as it relies on patented ZINK paper instead which features an advanced composite material with embedded yellow, magenta and cyan dye crystals. Heat is used to activate and colorize these crystals, hence the inkless format. This 5 megapixel shooter comes with a 2.48″ LCD display and an SD/SDHC memory card slot. It will retail for approximately $357 when released this November 28th.

Source: Far East Gizmos