Sony Ericsson releases W705 Walkman phone


Sony Ericsson is a name synonymous with cell phones, so it is no surprise to see them release yet another handset that falls under the Walkman category – the W705. What new things do the W705 Walkman phone offer? Well, the W705 comes feature packed with the latest technology and functions, ensuring you will be able to enjoy your favorite musical tracks no matter where you are in its optimal tunes, as long as there is some juice left in the W705’s battery, of course. Let us take a closer look at the Sony Ericsson W705’s features right after the jump to see if it warrants a purchase from you in case you are currently shopping for a phone.

The W750 Walkman might come in a smaller numerical denomination compared to the W980 Walkman handset, but it is similar where superior sound quality is concerned with the latter, which means you will probably find a “best audio experience” rating should TESTfactory in Germany conduct a trial with the W705. Other popular Walkman features found on the W705 include the music recognition application TrackID, SensMe, for matching your mood to the music and Shake control to change tracks with the flick of your hand.

Since music is not the only form of entertainment, the Sony Ericsson W705 also offers the PlayNow arena which provides a full range of mobile entertainment, ranging from unique themes and wallpapers, ring tones, a host of free content and DRM-free music tracks and TrackID charts from around the world. It comes encased in an exclusive metal finish, while the generous display makes it easy to convey the necessary information to the user. Other features include Wi-Fi connectivity, a 2.4″ display, automatic rotation from landscape to portrait and vice versa, Google Maps for Mobile to help you find your way around, Bluetooth support, an integrated FM radio, and a 3.2 megapixel camera.

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