Clogau Gold Timepiece is a unique way of telling time

Considering that most people have accurate clocks on their cellular phones, I’m not certain how many people still wear watches anymore. Most watches usually have the same design with the time-face itself, and then a band around it.

This new concept watch from Clogau Gold is very interesting because the band itself is actually the watch. As you can see from the picture, the watch has certain sections that are interchangeable. With this, you can change them to match whatever it is the user is wearing that night.

As for how the user tells the time, it is most unusual. You see those two lights that are on the wrist on the picture to the right? One of these lights is like the hour hand, and the other is the minute hand. From this, you are able to read the time by reading the Roman Numerals above the lights.

I’m not certain how accurate this would be, because with only twelve numbers, the minute hand can only show the time in five minute intervals. I’m also not certain how to set the time on the watch.

This technology is still a concept for now, as it is an entry to a Welsh competition to design jewelry intended at the middle aged woman. If it wins, I imagine this will be on the market soon.


1 thought on “Clogau Gold Timepiece is a unique way of telling time”

  1. for am/pm, the sun does the work but how to tell which is hour and which is the minute hand? the lights seem to be on the same side..

    also, turning it right around just to tell time just doesn’t really appeal to me who can’t even seem to read analog well…

    but then, i’m just a teen and not one of the intended consumer age group so what would i know?^^;;

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