The Leopard is the Six-Million Dollar Chair

by Mark R

I just want to clarify the title of this article. I am not implying that the chair that you see here on the left costs six million dollars, but uses a bionic leg to support your weight similar to that of the Six-Million Dollar Man.

The Leopard is under development by the Oki Electric Industry and the Okamura Corporation, and it is designed to rise up and meet your backside as you go and sit down. It will also rise up when you want to get up.

You might ask yourself why someone would make a chair like this. Perhaps someone feels a need to create comfort that is “akin to being held in someone’s arms”. It sounds to me like the inventor of this chair may have some dependency issues, but I’m all for any device that can make you more comfortable, especially if it is an office chair.

The chair can hold about 120 to 130 pounds (55 to 60 kilograms), which isn’t really much if you imagine a fat executive, particularly a CEO. Cleary, this bionic leg that supports this weight does not have the Six Million Dollar Man’s super strength.

I mentioned before how this chair hopefully won’t cost six million dollars, but it looks like it will be in the “expensive” ballpark. We should see once it appears on the market in May of 2009.


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