The odd but inexpensive Sweater Dryer

by Ally

Drying sweaters is a task that if you have a lack of places to hang dry them, it can be obnoxious.  Besides that, if you want to wear it anytime soon you’re out of luck.  Some are so bulky that it can take at least 24 hours before it’s actually completely dry.  However, tossing them in the dryer could mean shrinking and for the more delicate things it could mean the end of them.  Although this gadget looks like a strange new musical instrument, it’s actually a way to dry your clothing that shouldn’t go through the dryer.

It will dry them 75% faster than if you were to just hang them up.  The fan circulates the air quickly and does so without the shrinking that would occur should you toss them into the dryer.  It also means it wouldn’t be rolling around in the dryer, so less wear and tear.  It uses six C batteries, so you could put it anywhere, even if there wasn’t an outlet that could reach it.  To pick it up it will only cost you $29.98 from Taylor Gifts.

Source: Gearfuse

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