Mintpad allows for digital note-passing

Some of you remember last week when I covered the E-note, which is the closest thing to a digital Post-it that I have seen. Of course, that was before I found the Mintpad, which looks a lot like a non-digital Post-It.

As you can see, the Mintpad allows the user to draw on a digital pad with a stylus that is a lot bigger than most that I have seen for digital electronic pads. Do not ask me how to change colors on the pen, but you have to admit that the drawing of the shoe is more in color than living color.

So what can you do with this device? Well, you can draw an image, and then send it off via Wi-Fi. Sadly, you can only send it to other Mintpads, for now. Just think of it as passing notes in the classroom, but don’t let the teacher take the Mintpad away.

There isn’t a handwriting recognition feature, but what do you expect from something with 4GB worth of memory? Perhaps it will be available as an application to smartphones in the near future. For now, this Mintpad will set you back about $156, and it is only available in Korea.


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