The USB Ladybird 4-port USB Hub

by Ally

For those that like deformed little ladybirds with stretched out unnatural looking legs, you’ll love this USB hub.  It does have a younger and very girly design, but at the same time it looks like they tortured the poor thing to death then wired it up for USB.  They even messed up the legs so much they’re flexible now.  Luckily the bug isn’t alive anymore, so you can’t hear it’s screeches of pain as you move around the legs.  It also seems as if the poor little guy is missing a few of them.

Well at least there are four, each of the four have a port.  When you’re not using him you can stand him up on his legs instead of having him sprawled out.  To give the bug a slightly more alien feel they have placed to little red LED lights into his eyes to make him glow.  You can pick him up on Gadget4all for $12.  Which isn’t a bad price for a tortured Ladybird Hub.

Source: Geeky-Gadgets

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