IOGEAR 4-Port Dual Link DVI KVMP Switch with 7.1 Audio


IOGEAR has established itself as being one of the more popular computer peripheral manufacturers, and this time around they are offering the IOGEAR 4-Port Dual Link DVI KVMP Switch with 7.1 Audio which target multimedia enthusiasts who want to maximize their working space, sharing up to a quartet of computers without having to sacrifice either high quality audio or video. Also known by the model number GCS1784, this peripheral aims to be a revolutionary device where KVMP functionality is concerned. More details to follow right after the jump.

Before we continue, you had best fall under the following categories if you plan on bringing the 4-Port Dual Link DVI KVMP Swith with 7.1 Audio home – audio/video editors, high-end gamers and graphic artists who will not compromise on graphical quality in course of work (or leisure where gamers are concerned). Just when you thought that full HD in your living room is the be all and end all when it comes to video quality, you’ll be pleased to know that this IOGEAR product is future proof in some way, as it can support resolutions greater than full HD ( 1080p). It also comes with IOGEAR’s patent-pending Display Emulation Technology that is smart enough to retain information on your monitor’s ideal resolution and refresh rate whenever you switch between computers, doing away with the need for large, widescreen monitors. Also, the 7.1 audio doubles up as the ultimate surround sound experience that will aim to please even audiophiles, although I feel as though this is strictly marketing propaganda – you’ll have to hear it to believe it, since audio quality can be subjective at times.

IOGEAR has slapped a sticker price tag of $799.99 for the 4-Port Dual-Link DVI KVMP with 7.1 Audio, where each purchase is accompanied by a 3-year limited warranty. If you’re one of the few people who need to share USB peripherals between multiple computers without sacrificing on high audio and video quality, you can’t really go wrong with the 4-Port Dual-Link DVI KVMP with 7.1 Audio.

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