Victor Multi-Kill is definitely a better mousetrap

by Mark R

Sure, a lot of homeowners have problems with mice. No one likes to pry the little critters off of glue traps, or cleaning up their bloody carcasses from the snapping traps.

There’s a new product called the Victor Multi-Kill trap that allows for an easier way to kill tiny mice pests with minimal mess. These better mousetraps allow the mice to be killed with a high-voltage electric shock guaranteed to bring a mouse out of the world of the living in less than five seconds.

The company who makes the Multi-Kill claims this device can remove a household’s rodent problem in one single night. As far as the fried bodies of the mice are concerned, they get dumped into a collection box for easy disposal. The company calls this feature the Shock N’Drop Chamber.

The Multi-Kill can wipe out 10 mice without resetting. It is battery powered with 4C batteries, and it can kill 150 mice per set. There is a blinking red light for a low battery, and a blinking green light that flashes for seven days to indicate a mouse has been snuffed.

You can get the Victor Multi-Kill Electronic Mouse Trap right off the company site for a slashed price of $99.99.


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manuel eirin Says: April 29, 2010 at 3:09 am

i want to buy a Victor Multi-Kill Electronic Mouse Trap. i want to know the price and the cost shipping
we stay in spain (ourense)
and will pay on delivery

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