The Remote Light Switch

by Ally

We’ve all seen the numerous clapper commercials.  Most are a bit on the nauseating side, yet it’s such a convenient little gadget.  However, there are other options besides the infamous clapper.  You can have a special switch installed with a remote, but sadly that does take effort and someone who knows a bit about wiring.  Well now one store is selling an odd new remote that will stand out from the crowd.  It’s sure to cause a stir with any guests that spot the stylish remote.

The switch plate can be purchased in either 14k gold or in limited edition chrome.  Surrounding that switch plate is a Lucite box with a magnetized lid.  Making the switch look almost as tempting as a giant red button that says “do not touch.”  On the bottom is a metal plate with the designer’s name, Tobias Wong written on it as well as his signature.  To get it to work you just attach the remote component to the fixture.  It has a range of 100 feet, you can purchase it in chrome for $150 and the 14k gold for $250.

Source: iliketotallyloveit

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