Samsung Window display

At FPD International 2008, Samsung proudly put this window on display. This particular one, appropriately called the “Window Display” is made of 12.1 inch OLED panels that are translucent.

It is translucent in the sense that there is some light that can pass through. It exhibits 30 percent transmittance, and the resolution is at 840 x 504 pixels.

I’m not certain if there is any practical application for this technology, unless you want all your window panes to be television screens. Even though that might sound like a whole lot of fun, there might be a better use of this window pane tech other than making your house like the future McFlys in Back to the Future II. Just imagine windows that can automatically be dimmed to save energy on heating and cooling.

Perhaps we could put this glass on shops, in order to advertise products. Yeah, like we really need more of that. Will all big cities now have OLED screens wherever glass is found? I’m not looking forward to cities of the future looking like something out of Blade Runner.

However, I think we all know that this type of technology is our future. Right now, this is just a concept from electronics giant Samsung, with no word as far as when it will be available to the general public.


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  1. Great article, especially when you have new products out like the new Krave ( It has a QWERTY keyboard and its narrower then the iPhone. It’s a flip phone that has a clear top and its touch sensitive, so you can use your phone without even opening it!

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