Motorola MOTOZINE ZN5 hits the US


Do you fancy a new phone? If you do and Motorola is your favorite brand, ever considered the new MOTOZINE ZN5 which is now available exclusively from T-Mobile? This is the first camera-centric cell phone from Motorola that was created in close collaboration with Kidak, bringing together a high quality handset and camera experience to help you capture those precious moments no matter where you are even without a dedicated digital camera at your disposal. More features and specifications of the MOTOZINE ZN5 will be discussed right after the jump.

The MOTOZINE ZN5 holds the distinction of being the first cell phone to combine Motorola’s ModeShift technology and KODAK Imaging Technology. With a dedicated simple share key, you will be able to instantly share captured images with family and friends no matter where you are via a variety of ways, including picture messaging, T-Mobile MyAlbum, Kodak Gallery and compatible Bluetooth enabled printers.

Those who pick up the MOTOZINE ZN5 will find that its image capture capability is pretty robust, and with a high-resolution display, you won’t have any trouble previewing all the images captured in full detail. Boasting one of the fastest click-to-click times available, all it takes to transform the phone to its camera function is to slide open its lens cover, unleashing the power of a 5 megapixel camera right smack in the palm of your hands. Features include a shutter button, flash and viewer, auto focus, a Xenon flash, and a microSD memory card slot (with a complimentary 1GB microSD memory card to get you started).

Of course, the MOTOZINE ZN5 isn’t just meant for capturing images, but it does the phone bit pretty well too with Motorola’s own patented CrystalTalk technology that offers crystal clear conversations even in the noisiest of environments. Connectivity features include GSM, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and you will be able to remain connected to the rest of the world via services like SMS, MMS, IM and e-mail.

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