Digital Mighty Scope for handheld close-ups


If you think that your kid has an inclination to enter the world of science, then I would suggest getting him/her this digital Mighty Scope. Inside this handheld precision magnifier, you will find a handful of best-in-class features that offer maximum precision, sensitivity and convenience in a single package.

Its focus range is fully adjustable to any magnification from 10 times to 200 times, unlike earlier models that limit users to fixed settings or limited ranges. Think of it as a mini-camera that zooms. A brightness control wheel allows fingertip adjustments of illumination from six white LEDs to suit varied interior or exterior environments – another design improvement. Three digital models include one with 500-times magnification and one with six ultraviolet lights operating at 405 nanometers. An analog model also is available.

All images, interval shots and video are captured by its 1.3 megapixel camera that boasts a color CMOS sensor and Microsoft-compatible software on digital models. The inclusion of a Microtouch shutter button does away with the need to tap a computer key.

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