YO iPod Speakers

by Mark R

I’m sure you are probably looking at this picture and wondering: “How is this speaker standing up?” That is a good question, and I believe the answer lies in a high-density ballast located at the base.

What you are looking at is the YO, an iPod speaker system designed by an American designer Victor Vetterlein. These speakers are both wireless and detachable, and they charge on the dock. I don’t know if it charges the iPod either, but it should.

In fact, the designer wants to charge the unit with renewable energy sources such as wind power, solar power, or even hydroelectricity. I suppose anything that uses renewable energy sources has to be good, right?

For now, the designer might need to settle for lithium-ion rechargeable batteries in the dock, and they are also in the speakers themselves. This is one of the reasons why the speaker can stand like a kid’s inflatable punching bag.

These speakers are specially shaped in order to maximize the acoustic properties, and they are also completely waterproof.

The YO is still another concept that needs to be birthed into reality, but if the features really are that good, then a lot of people will be in line for this one.


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