The UFO Night Light

As adults, dark spooky rooms are absolutely not supposed to be scary enough for a night light, it’s somewhere in the rule book for adults that I have yet to see.  However, if you feel the need to break the rules, you might enjoy the night lights sold by the Etsy seller Katsudesigns.   Even if you don’t have a fear of the dark, you might want to pick one up just so you don’t end up stubbing your toe when you attempt to stumble towards the bathroom in the middle of the night.

The cute little UFO is hand cut from an aluminum sheet then added to it is the colorful piece of plexiglass.  The plexiglass part can be purchased in three different colors, blue, red and green.  In addition to the UFO she also sells a rocket ship, jet fighter and a robot night light.  Surprisingly she actually has a few in stock of each.  Usually with Etsy products only one is in stock at a time.  You can pick one up for $40 a piece.

Source: babygadget

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