The Memoria Clock has built-in shadow

by Ally

Pixelated clocks are hard to come by, especially ones with a sophisticated quality. If you go the pixelated route, normally you’re stuck with gaming references or it’s just so pixelated that it’s blatantly geeky. Well with this clock it’s a little less obvious, but you can still get the geeky thrill of it looking just a little pixelated. It also has a little bit of a traditional style, the design is inspired by 19th century French fireplace clocks.

One extra odd element is that the clock itself has its own shadow, actually the shadow is what keeps the clock standing upright. Although it will be a strange looking shadow if you pick up the white version of the clock. Then it will more look like an odd reflection instead of a shadow unlike the black version of the clock. It is being sold on Design Shop UK, which is such a creative name for a shop that sells designer items out of the UK. You can pick it up in either white or black for £ 149.00 or about $244.

Source: Nerdapproved

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