Sonic Lounger looks bad, hopefully feels good

I know that I don’t do nearly enough of it, but there is nothing that I like to do more than just lay back and relax. I would have to say that this device, the Sonic Lounger, makes me want to do anything but relax.

I mean, this Sonic Lounger looks like something out of an alien autopsy video. I’m not talking about the one from Roswell, but ones where the aliens are using to do surgery on us. However, if your idea of relaxation is letting little robot arms touch you all over, perhaps the Sonic Lounger is the product for you.

Yes, the Sonic Lounger can massage and resonate the entire body with “crystal clear vibration, transferring high fidelity music into the skin, bones and tissue” which will allow “the subtleties of depth of sound that cannot be heard with the ears to be viscerally experienced”.

In other words, don’t let the crude look of metal pipes and cushion fool you. In the end, does it really matter what your relaxation table looks like? No, it is all about what it can make you feel like.

It sounds like the Sonic Lounger can make you feel pretty good. Of course, you may argue that the price of $9,000 might be too much.


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