Mitsubishi ready to debut LaserVue

Mitsubishi is looking forward to ushering in a new era in living room entertainment by introducing its new LaserVue TV which is ready for shipping. Will such laser technology overpower the combined might of both plasma and LCD at this point in time? I don’t think so – at least not yet. After all, LCD prices have been dropping pretty steadily over the years for them to be finally affordable for the average Joe, so to move up a notch to the next level is definitely out of the question for most people, in addition to the fact that most people are already tightening their belts due to the insanely high cost of living in which we’re faced with every day. Let us take a closer look at the Mitsubishi LaserVue TV right after the jump.

This mammoth 65″ Mitsubishi LaserVue will retail for $6,999 at selected special retailers around the US, which is pretty reasonable considering the kind of technology crammed within. LaserVue has been marketed to be the most energy efficient large-format, high-definition television available on the market at point of publishing. Not only does it deliver twice the color of many HDTVs do these days, it also sips up exponentially less juice compared to either LCD or plasma displays. What makes LaserVue hold such an advantage over both plasma and LCD? Well, it uses laser beams to shoot a wide range of rich, complex colors at unprecedented clarity and immersive depth of field. Being precise and focused, the laser light’s purity is (pardon the pun) light years ahead of many high definition technologies we find today. Features include Smooth 120Hz, x.v. Color and 1080p resolution, all packed within an Ultra Thin Frame.

In addition, the LaserVue will also come with 3D-ready viewing capabilities, and it can stand proudly on the floor or mounted on the wall with a thickness of 10″. There is no need to have a souped up audio system since the integrated speakers are good enough for everyday viewing, but I think most people who have splurged $6,999 on such a TV won’t mind spending a wee bit more on a decent home theater system.

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