The NightWalker illuminates what’s ahead and at your feet

by Ally

Flashlights are not always the most convenient for walking in the dark. Particularly if you’re clumsy even when the sun is up. The circle of light starts to get fairly dim around the edges, so really you only get one direct area that stays lit. Which means you have to choose to illuminate what’s ahead or what’s at you feet. That or you could just move the flashlight around a lot and somehow manage to get both. Well with this NightWalker both what’s ahead and what’s at your feet will stay visible.

It has two separate LED lights to keep you covered. That will also likely make midnight walks with your dog a lot easier. Especially if your pup likes to dart in front of you and almost make you break your neck. The LED lights in the flashlight are said to be 10x more powerful than the average LED and won’t ever need replaced. If you’re worried about staying visible to traffic at night you can flip on the red flashing taillight on the back of the flashlight. To pick one up it will cost you $39.95.

Source: LikeCool

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