Ear Pressure Equalizer Handles Age-old Air Travel Problem

by Mark R

For those of you that fly all the time, I am sure that you are very familiar with that sometimes very painful feeling of when your ears pop. From a scientific point-of-view, this is a result of increased cabin pressure pressing the eardrum inwards, thus the ears can get stopped up. Most passengers try and stop this problem by yawning or chewing gum, but there is a technological alternative.

The Ear Pressure Equalizer is a device about the size of a cellular phone that has the ability to suck air from the outer ear canal, creating a slight vacuum that gently pushes the eardrum back to its original position.

You may be wondering if this device could be harmful. After all, you are sticking a tiny vacuum cleaner in your ear, which could potentially suck out your brains. Okay, the vacuum pressure isn’t that strong, but seriously, the Ear Pressure Equalizer has a built-in safety vent to stop the build-up of too much pressure.

I have no idea if this product is electronic, or if the user hand pumps it to get it working. I found that the Pro-Idee website did not give me an answer, but I do have a price of £38.95 or $60.


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