Commercial mobile receipt printers from Intermec

Intermec Inc. has announced a couple more commercial mobile receipt printers for businesses who want a low cost, wearable receipt printing solution for DSD/route accounting, retail queue busting and field service applications in the form of the PB2 and PB3. These lightweight printers measure 2″ and 3″ respectively in size, making them suitable for wearing while one is on the job without interference in movement and mobility. Both models seamlessly complement the Intermec CN3 series, and new CK3 mobile computers.

The Intermec PB2 and PB3 printers can also be augmented by purchasing an optional magnetic stripe reader, letting workers be more flexible in their everyday work by accepting payments over their mobile computer or printer. Basically, these payments can then be processed while one is on the move, and receipts can be generated on the spot in order to reduce long queues at the checkout counter, indirectly increasing customer satisfaction, productivity and introducing ew opportunities for sales no matter where the employee is. Sounds great for supermarkets whenever there is a sale going on, as the management can always place an employee or two at each aisle to facilitate a faster check out for folks who want to pick up just a single product from that particular aisle.

Specially designed to support mobility, the PB2 and PB3 printers can be worn comfortably all day long courtesy of its belt loop system which is a standard feature of every printer. Alternatively, you can always go for the optional shoulder strap which some people find to suit their style better. There are also hands-free options available such as a weather-resistant, IP54-rated environmental case for added protection whenever it is used outdoors, catering for industries like electronic citations, postal delivery, and car rental return processing without impairing mobility. There is no word on pricing, but the Intermec PB2 and PB3 printers can now be ordered globally.

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