The Firstlauncher Starter Kit for self defense

by Ally

For those that are a little worried about self defense, you probably have carried pepper spray before.  My problem with pepper spray is I worry about having the time to dig it out of my purse or just flat out not having it on me.  Well this cool Flashlauncher has a slight edge in that department at least at night.  It also has a built-in flashlight.  Which means it’s already in your hand, so all you have to do is aim and flip a different switch.  At least I hope it’s a separate switch, they don’t actually say.

I’d feel really guilty if I flipped the switch the wrong direction and shot Fluffy with a pepper ball.  The Firstlauncher not only shoots a ball of pepper spray, but it has a laser to also cause your attacker issues.  All in all it will distract and slow down your attacker without being quite as bad as using a taser.  The major down side is the full kit will cost you $400.  Granted the kit comes with quite a bit of refills to keep the Flashlauncher going, but that’s still expensive.  Looks like most of us are going to be stuck with either tasers or pepper spray.

Source: OhGizmo

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