The Cassette Tape Closet

by Ally

I’m not really sure that this should be called a makeover, but for the sake of simplicity, we’ll just call it that. This DIY job is for those that have far too many useless cassette tapes lying around. It’s understandable that some would, they were used for quite a few years, so it’d be easy to build up a large stash of them. So it’s established that there are probably quite a few people out there that could probably pull off a job like this. Especially considering it’s as simple as gluing a bunch of tapes to an already built wooden cabinet. What I question is whether or not it should be done.

I, being a gadget dork, have an appreciation for outdated technology getting recycled into something new and functional. However, it really is necessary that it not be terrifyingly ugly. Otherwise, likely your spouse will while you’re not looking smash it to pieces. On accident of course, but trust me it’ll happen. The guy that pulled off this particular DIY used 918 cassette tapes. Sadly this isn’t just some average guy whipping this up in his garage, it was done by the Dutch designer Patrick Schuur and he is attempting to pass it off as artistic.

Source: Coolbuzz

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