Cyber Surfer R/C Spaceboard


Anyone who has read the Silver Surfer comic or watched Back to the Future will definitely love to own one of those hoverboards, although the former’s is way more powerful than the latter due to its cosmic properties. Well, you can now relive those action sequences with the Cyber Surfer R/C Spaceboard from ThinkGeek.

The Cyber Surfer R/C Spaceboard uses two ducted fans and a solid state accelerometer to hover off the ground and “surf” across the room. You control the height and right or left turns with the Cyber Surfer always surfing forward through the air. You never need to worry about balancing the the surfer since the accelerometer adjusts the propeller speed accordingly and keeps him rock solid in the air. Just push the stick up and you’re hovering. The Cyber Surfer is designed for indoor flights only and is pretty easy to control with minimal practice. Now all we need is a slightly larger version for office commuting.

Would be nice to see a model built for adult use, but in the meantime you will just have to make do with this $69.99 toy.

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