Obligatory MacMini RIP Rumor post

The Giz, citing MacRumors, is convinced that Apple is going to discontinue the Mac Mini and that it’s demise is imminent. The argument goes like this:

According to European retailers, Apple has stopped orders for the low end Mac and will not be making any more. This could signal an upgraded model which will replace it, or a complete discontinuation. But the rumors of the Mac Mini’s imminent demise are about as common as hearing clues that “Paul is Dead” when playing a host of Beatles’ songs.

And come on. In this charged and sketchy economy, the Mac Mini would make a very attractive option for those looking to make “The Switch” to Mac, but being unwilling to absorb the pricey sticker shock of the more advanced models. And considering Apple just doubled down by passing on offering a sub $1,000 notebook in favor of a pricier line, those hoping for a budget Mac would continue to look to the Mini.

Then again, sales figures for the diminutive cousin of the iMac have been up and down overall and it has rarely been updated. So in the end, it could be that the Mini’s time as come. But one thing is certain, Apple will probably have an heir apparent out by Christmas … or maybe during MacWorld in January.

Stay tuned.

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  1. I left Macs when OS 8 came out. I really liked the earlier versions of MacOS, and I didn’t mind the 640X0 architecture, since that configuration was instrumental in introducing me to multitasking. After the initial plunge into computing via a lowly, well used Mac Plus, I ultimately had to switch to PCs. Initially, I hated the x86 side of the computing world, yet I became awash in its lower cost yet commodity grade hardware. Eventually, I found Linux for my older hardware and so far, so good.

    My current cellphone is cheaper than Apples offerings, my current 3.33 GHz PC is waaaaayyy cheaper than even the lowest grade WELL USED G5 systems, my MP3 player lets me put copies of my own CD rips onto it and still I retain the original rips on the host PC, so for those who haven’t yet grasped the import of my tale, the moral of my story is that Apple lost me over 15 years ago, and has done nothing to win my favor – I no longer pay Apple for coolness.

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