MetalStrike Authentic Joysticks for flight simulation games

by Mark R

For years, gamers have been playing flight simulation games like the Flight Simulator with a keyboard and a mouse. Sure, you can purchase a joystick for a little bit of added realism, but is that joystick really a “stick” so to speak?

All of that is about to change with a new series of MetalStrike joysticks. There are three of them: the MetalStrike FF, the MetalStrike Pro, and the MetalSrike 3D. As you can see from this picture of the MetalStrike FF, it really looks like the controls that you would find on an F-22.

All of these controllers have 13 programmable buttons, an eight-way POV switch, and even a turbo function for autorepeat. These controllers also have a four axis design for rudder, aileron, elevator, throttle, and other controls.

These controllers will feel real in more ways than one. The MetalStrike FF has a force feedback function, so it will vibrate when the user is playing his or her favorite flying and shooting game. The MetalStrike Pro also has some vibration thing going on for gaming, but the MetalStrike 3D has no such feedback.

Metalstrike’s three new controllers are available right away. The MetalStrike FF is about $69.99, the MetalStrike Pro for $39.99, and the MetalStrike 3D for about $26.99.


One review or comment Says: October 21, 2008 at 12:34 pm

if one wanted realistic fight controls, there was for years only one place to go:

yep, the company name sounds like something right out of a red light district…

but lately, there have been a new, cheaper provider of realistic flight controls:

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