Last week’s CGOTW winner and $50 prizes go to…



It was close there was only one vote in it, so as voted by you the coolest gadget last week was the iPhone Heart Monitor as reported by Gadgets Blog, the iPhone seems to be able to make the most mundane of functions flipping cool.

The iPhone Heart Monitor allows you to listen to your heart beats. Using the inbuilt microphone of your iPhone 3G or the headphone microphone, the Heart Monitor will pick up the rate of your heartbeats and display it. You can pick up the beats from pulse points at your neck, wrist, or when placed directly over your heart; this can be done either using the headphones or without them. The Heart Monitor would give you a clue about your fitness level.

There was only one vote separating the top 3 last week so in joint second place we have another gadget for apple fans the iRecorder for the iPod.

The iRecorder is easy-as-pie to use. Simply plug it into both your TV and your portable media player, then take a seat as it compresses your movie and uploads it onto your device. Without a computer in sight, this nifty gadget will effortlessly reduce a two hour movie into a 2 Gig MPEG4 file.

Also in second place, we have the futuristic C3 Robot Receptionist, a snip at $28K.

Robots will one day overtake human beings, so say the Science Fiction writers. We have been laughing at them for ages but their prophesies have been coming true time and again. At Tokyo’s CEATEC conference, the new age Ms. Robot, MechaDroid Type C3 has been launched. MechaDroid is the robot receptionist that claims to be more effective, punctual, careful and pleasant than her human counterpart.

Thanks once again to everybody who took part and spent the time voting and commenting. As usual we have two $50 monetary thank you’s, and the randomly drawn winners are:

Draw for voting and commenting: Doug, congrats (even though you didn’t vote for the winner).

Draw for telling a friend: Justin (big.j) who was the lucky one of only 8 ( 🙁 ) who emailed a friend about the contest.

Thanks again everybody and good luck with the next CGOTW on Friday.

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