BioBot makes fighting high gas prices a green affair

by James

One of the bright lights in a flagging economy is the fact that gas prices are starting to drop like a stone. Already, oil has reached under $70 a barrel and that means prices for gas will continue to drop since wintertime means less driving than during summer months. But don’t look for those sub $2.00 a gallon prices to arrive anytime soon. Demand for gas will continue to cause everyone to look for alternative means to fuel their cars. So options like BioDiesel are still going to be very important. And BIOBOT will help the average green minded driver process the diesel fuel they need.

BioBot has been designed to be simple to use and can produce up to 75 litres of biodiesel fuel in about 10-24 hours,with the user only having to devote about an hour of his time to set up and cleaning. About the size of an average gas fueling station, the BioBot can concert waste oil by heating it with specially designed immersion heaters. This eliminates the need for noxious and flammable chemicals to create the conversion process.

The cost for BioBot is about $5,000 for the entire kit. That’s about 100 fill-ups, which means BioBot will pay for itself no more than two years.

Hat Tip – The Ferret

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JEmlay Says: October 21, 2008 at 9:25 am

“gas prices are starting to drop like a stone”

The heck you say? SoCal is still paying $3.60 for 87 and has been for a while now.

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