The Umbrella Lamp

by Ally

Usually if you’re using an umbrella for something besides to get out of the rain, then you’re probably using it to stay in the shade.  At least that is really the only other time that I have seen anyone sit under an umbrella.  Which makes this umbrella slightly odd, it’s an umbrella light.  So instead of hiding from the light, you’ll be seeking it out when you use this umbrella.  It’d be great for anyone trying to have a modern or contemporary home.

The umbrella comes in other colors besides the pretty chic white shown here.  It also comes in black, ice blue, plum, silver and of course white.  I wish the manufacturers had shown the umbrella in the other colors, because I’m curious how it would look in a color besides white.   The shade is made out of lycra.  You can purchase either the floor lamp, or the small or large table lamp.  The prices range from $110-$200, just depending on which one you happen to choose.

Source: CharlesandMarie

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