Toshiba announces Portégé M750 Tablet PC


Toshiba is back with a brand new successor to the award winning Toshiba Portégé M700 in the form of the Portégé M750 Tablet PC. In this new configuration, Toshiba has thrown in enough features to make it stand out in a sea of Tablet PCs which are currently floating around in the market. Here’s a quick sneak of the features included before I go into greater detail right after the jump – a touch screen LED backlit display, full-performance processor technology, Toshiba’s innovative fourth-generation EasyGuard Technology with PC Health Monitor, and an integrated optical drive.

With Toshiba’s Touch Screen LED Backlit Display, the Portégé M750 is able to know whether there one is using a fingertip or a digital pen, switching between different input methods on the fly for greater convenience and flexibility. The 12.1″ LED backlit display works way better than traditional LCDs, boasting superior image quality and color saturation whether you are indoors or outdoors. Oh yeah, not to forget, LED displays are also way more power efficient, so this could contribute to a longer battery life to the Portégé M750 (although other high-powered features might offset this benefit).

Powered by an Intel Centrino 2 processor with vPro Technology, it is one of the few Tablet PCs to do so, letting you run a multitude of applications without having to worry about it slowing down or lagging due to strain imposed. The fourth generation EasyGuard Technology with PC Health Monitor from Toshiba also helps you running at an optimal uptime, being a preventative maintenance utility which will check the performance and functionality of a laptop’s critical hardware components continuously, alerting you to times where you are required to make a manual tune-up. Sounds more akin to an automotive system than a Tablet PC, but anything that helps a computer run better gets a thumbs up from me.

Hard drive protection, a built-in optical drive, a spill-resistant keyboard, a fingerprint reader and Trusted Platform Module round off the impressive list of features. Prices for the Toshiba Portégé M750 start from $1,699 upwards, depending on your budget and just how many modifications you want to make to it.

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