R2-D2 Whizzwatch is another reason for an Artoo gadget

I don’t know what it is about this little astromech droid, but R2-D2 gets way too much publicity in the gadget world. At CES last January, I got a chance to see Nikko Electronics R2D2 Projector DVD player/projector, as well as the R2D2 Wireless Web Camera.

I suppose there is little point of telling about yet another R2D2 product, but I might as well report on the R2-D2 Whizzwatch. No, I did not misspell wristwatch, because this is a Whizzwatch!

Yes, it is a timepiece with a little model of everyone’s favorite non-protocol droid, and you can use the watch as a remote control to make Artoo wheel all around your desk. By the way, the Artoo unit is quite large, and putting it on your wrist is like wearing a shoe around your neck.

I just checked the availability on Firebox, and unfortunately, it is out of stock for now. However, I found that the site that was selling this product could not stop going on about how geeky it is. Is this a Whizzwatch a new candidate for Foolish Gadgets?

Well, when it does come in stock, it should be available for about £14.95. Now you can make a donation to the “Get George Lucas even more rich” fund.