MeWe offers Quad Charger for the Wii


We all know that the Nintendo Wii is meant to be a socially interactive console, and is most fun when played with four gamers simultaneously. What happens when all four Wiimotes are fully exhausted, and you don’t have enough chargers to juice them up? MeWe has the solution in the form of its Quad Charger for the Nintendo Wii which is capable of charging up to four Wiimotes simultaneously.

When the remotes are in the charging station, an LED display lets players know the charging status and keeps the remotes organized when not in use. The patented-design quad charging station ensures secure connection for the Wii remotes with a uniquely designed storage well along the sidewalls, keeping the Wii wrist strap channeled outside the cradle.

Each $49.95 MeWe Quad Charging Station is accompanied by a 1-year warranty.

Product Page via Press Release

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