The Bowling pin Knock-off Lamp

by Ally

If you’ve managed to get yourself beyond needing bumpers whenever you go bowling, you might have grown into having a  slight fascination for bowling.  Well if you have become a bowling guru, then you might enjoy this odd little lamp.  It’s not everyday that one walks into someone’s living room to find a glowing bowling pin, but now you can pick up your own.  It doesn’t look quite as beat up as one you would find in the bowling alley.  Instead it has a slight modern edge to it, with it’s classic bright white look to it.

The cool lamp has an interesting way of turning it on and off.  When in an upright position the light will shine bright, but knock it over and the light shuts off.  If it was fairly durable you could pick up enough to set up your own glowing bowling alley.  However, I doubt the bulb would stand up to being hit several times by a heavy bowling ball.  You can pick one up on Fosters for $26 a piece.

Source: Bltd

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bananaman Says: October 21, 2008 at 6:17 am

wow this is a funny lamp wow………….

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