The Bathtime Bubble Maker

by Ally

Being a full grown adult I probably shouldn’t admit how much I still love bubbles, or that I find this gadget incredibly cool. Not because I have offspring or because I have a niece or nephew that would love it. Merely because having a bubble machine in your bathtub is definitely sweet. For those that are thinking about something like this for the kids, it might keep them entertained while you attempt to give them a bath. It might even help out those with kids that are terrified of taking a bath.

Sometimes bath toys aren’t enough to keep a scared child under control, but if they have an obsession with bubbles then they’ll love this. The gadget comes equipped with a suction cup to attach it to the wall of your bath. It works with any bubble solution you prefer to use. Just press the button to flip it on and it will start blowing bubbles. It’s a fairly simple and straightforward gadget. To pick one up it will cost you £9.99 or for those of us in the US it’s on Amazon for $12.90.

Source: BabyGadget

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