Hello Kitty themed laptop from NEC Japan

by Ally

The evil little kitty has wormed her way onto yet another gadget, she seems to be slowly achieving her goal of world domination.  She does kind of resemble the Brain of Pinky and the Brain.  I’m really not seeing that as a coincidence.  Beneath her giant skull lies a brain ready to take over the world.  Although, her latest project won’t make it to the whole world, it will actually only be in Japan.  NEC, Sanrio and French fashion designer Courreges have all teamed up to create a girls-only laptop.

Once it is made available it will only be in select online Sanrio shops.  The laptop will include Vista, an AMD Athlon QL-60 processor (1.90GHz), 2GB of main memory, DVD drive, a 160GB hard disk, and finally a 13.3-inch WXGA screen with a 1280×800 resolution.  The notebook will be available October 25th for $1,100.  If you order it by October 28th though, NEC will toss in a Hello Kitty mouse and mouse pad.  Oh joy, what girl could possibly contain herself when around all that pink.

Source: Crunchgear

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