eMachines get small with EL1200 desktop PCs


eMachines is back with the new EL1200 desktop series PCs that have been shrunk down to the size of 1/3 of a standard PC. Despite the shrinkage, computing power is not compromised as this is a case of not judging a book by its cover. Without missing out on decent performance figures, the EL1200 desktop series PCs are small enough to fit into cramped apartments without breaking the bank – an essential point in these times of economic uncertainty. After all, with prices starting from under $300 (depending on configuration), the EL1200 is certainly very tempting if you’re looking to upgrade that Pentium III of yours this upcoming holiday season.

While you won’t be able to use the EL1200 to run 3D rendering programs or use it as your primary gaming rig, it is more than enough for everyday homework assignments, managing household finance programs (essential to track where every cent goes due to the Wall Street crash), surf the Internet without any problems, and even enjoy online video content from YouTube. Small and more importantly, light enough to fit on a shelf without any problem, this tiny form factor desktop allows you to place it just about anywhere in your home.

Well, let us delve into what the EL1200 holds – inside you will find a 64-bit AMD Athlon processor, a choice between 1GB or 2GB RAM, a NVIDIA GeForce graphics processor, HDMI port for easy connectivity to a HDTV, amplified stereo speakers, a 14-in-1 memory card reader and an integrated eSATA port. Amazingly enough, everything is powered by a simplistic 15 watt processor, which will go a long way in helping you keep your monthly power bill down. In addition, low power consumption also translates to prolonged component life and service costs. Those who have a heart for nature in all they do and purchase will also welcome the EL1200 into their homes with open arms, since a smaller size equals to less metal and plastic that needs to be recycled. The cardboard box which it comes in is also 60% smaller compared to a box used for eMachines’ smallest tower PC.

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