Thumbtacts offers on thumb operation on iPhone

I must admit, I had a big guffaw over the name Thumbtacts as it blends in the function of the application as well as the tool used (your thumb).

To find a contact, instead of tapping the address book, or phone icon, choose the Thumbtacts icon. Thumbtacts takes full advantage of iPhone’s large display, and ingenious Multi-Touch user interface and facilitates a one-handed search by presenting a set of four letters in an easy-to-navigate selection of up, down, left, right and center. Tap an option (a letter or character string) to proceed to the next set of available matches, or choose “More” if the characters aren’t presented; users’ eyes never have to leave the Spotlight-like field at the top of the screen as the word is built in only a few taps.

So far over 10,000 downloads have occurred in less than a week, why not head over the Apple’s App Store and help Thumbtacts create more history? It is, after all, free. Image courtesy of CNET.

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