The USB Flower Lamp

With the weather slowly cooling off, soon all of the flowers will die, at least the ones outdoors.  Leaving most of us with nothing but dead plants and very cold wet snow.  Well with all the plants dead, you might end up missing some of the pretty flowers.  Now you can pick up a glowing USB flower that will stay in bloom year round.  Even when outside it is ice cold and everything looks gray and white.  Yes, I’m just thrilled that winter will be here soon.  So thrilled I think I’ll just hibernate all winter and never go outside, seems perfectly reasonable to me.

Well, just surround your desk with these cute little USB flowers and not only will you have plenty of task lighting, but you’ll never get the winter blues.  The lamp comes in three different colors, red, blue and orange.  The lamp has eight bright LEDs built-in and the flower stem itself can adjust to give you lighting where you need it.  You can also power it by using 3 AA batteries instead of plugging it into your USB port.  The flower will cost you $15 from Gadget4all.

Source: GeekyGadgets