Elettronico Faucet has a LCD touchscreen, networks to other faucets

by Mark R

The faucet has got to be one of the oldest examples of technology. I’ve heard that the Ancient Egyptians even had running water. So how can you improve on the simple faucet? By adding an LCD touchscreen and networking it with other faucets in the house.

The Elettronico Faucet, designed by Carlo Frattini, allows the user to control the temperature of his or her water with a touchscreen, which had better be waterproof. The technology is similar to the Bath-O-Matic that we covered a while ago, as you can regulate the temperature and amount of water with a computerized interface.

Unlike the Bath-O-Matic, it doesn’t appear that the Elettronico Faucet has a centralized interface. As I mentioned before, the Elettronico Faucet is designed to network with all other Elettronico faucets in the house.

So if you are doing the dishes, and you want to prepare a bath at the same time, the controls for all of that are at any faucet. I have no idea how these faucets are synced together, wirelessly or with wires around the pipes.

Unfortunately, there is no word on when these nifty networked faucets will be available, or how much it will cost. I definitely think these spigots deserve some points for design. As for the touchscreen, perhaps an iPhone could be put there, but it might be hard to talk while the water is running.


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