Update on the Terrafigura Transition: Not yet the flying car we all want

by Mark R

About one year ago, we covered a driveable airplane called the Terrafugia Transition. I believe that back then we said they would be available “sometime before 2012”, however, a source has told me that the company hopes to have them out before the end of 2009.

Just think! One more year until we actually have flying cars! Or at least the closest thing to them. The Terrafugia Transition may not be able to do Vertical Take-off Landings, or hover, but it can take off from a normal airplane runway.

As you can see from the YouTube video that has no sound, the wings just fold up after landing. It reminds me of the car that Matt Tracker used to drive on M.A.S.K., but some of you probably don’t remember that old cartoon.

The Terrafugia is certified by both the FAA as a light airplane, and the NHTSA as street legal. Just to let you know, you will need a light sport license to fly the Transition, but to drive it, it looks like all you’ll need is a regular license. The wings will not open up unless a specific combination is entered to guard against what would be a spectacular climax to a highway high-speed chase.

Well, I could go into a lot about how the Terrafugia is going to change the world as we know it, and who knows, maybe it will. I think I’m going to follow-up on this next year and we’ll see how it’s coming along. I’ve heard that the price will be about $194,000, so hopefully you can get it then.


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Michael Gaudet Says: October 9, 2008 at 5:13 pm

Sweet! I’d like to get a look under the hood of this bad boy. Warrants a closer look.

Afaq Saleem Says: August 28, 2009 at 12:47 pm

Well there is a little challenging problem here , the wings are exposed in side and the bumper seems an aerodynamics part too. so if u got on road and get a little bump in any this part by accident you will have to pay heavy price. not to mention airline companies pay a lot on integrity of planes( as they claim) whether people will be able to have such standards. but i think its a long talk and licensing, laws and legislation etc will be a critical part in each country for its approval. but i like the concept of flying cars as in star wars etc 😛

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