Big Brother Concept House shouldn’t be for everyone

by Mark R

Welcome to the Big Brother house! As you can see here, everyone on the outside can see what everyone is doing on the inside.

Yes, it is named after the Big Brother from 1984, not the Big Brother program that helps out so many children. Yet rest assured, your children will be safely watched 24/7 in these telescreen-like boxes, all from the outside courtyard.

I realize that most people have shunned the concept of Orwell’s Big Brother. (Thanks to him a surveillance society gets such bad press!) However, this is the age where security cameras and webcams are available everywhere. If you live in a metropolitan area, you’re watched constantly! And people want to be watched. Why do you think that Reality shows are so popular?

As you can see, the design is simple. Just stack a bunch of giant shoebox dioramas on top of each other, and you’ve got yourself a most unique living space. In fact, it is a very hedonistic way of living. Just imagine sitting in the Big Brother House courtyard in a party. Mix in a little alcohol, and you will see what reality TV doesn’t show.

Well, if nothing else, we could shoot the next season of Big Brother in this place. Fill it up with celebrities, and we can have the newest Surreal Life.


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