The luxurious Guitar Towel Warmer

Warm towels in my opinion rank up there with expensive chocolates and a down comforter fresh out of the dryer.  There are few things that could possibly be better than a hot towel.  Unfortunately towel warmers aren’t something a lot of us have the pleasure of owning.  Partially because it is something we can live without and it doesn’t really help that they are typically expensive.  Well to add to the fun, someone is now selling a guitar shaped towel warmer.  Which would be great for music lovers, musicians and Guitar Hero/Rock Band fanatics alike.

There are two different versions of the guitar.  One is hard-wired which is a little cheaper and the other is a plug-in model which is going to cost you a bit more.  They both have a nickel/gold finish on them.  If you are going to have a metal towel warmer sitting out in your bathroom, it might as well be in the shape of something you love or find visually appealing.  Unfortunately the cheaper version of the towel warmer is $2,992.33 and the plug-in version will actually cost you $3,022.56.  Which likely means most of us are still going to have to go without warm fluffy towels.

Source: ChipChick