Conof’s C-shaped lamp

by Mark R

If Sesame Street is planning on having “C” as the letter of the day, they should definitely put Conof’s USB desk lamp in the spotlight. As it is, this C-shaped lamp creates its own spotlight.

All that is required is plugging the lamp into the USB port, and you will have some wonderful brightness to go with your work. By the way, the lamp can swivel 270 degrees, so you can select your own personal level of brightness.

Unfortunately, I don’t really have much information about this product, but I have heard (and you can see from the photo) that the C-lamp doubles as an iPod dock. That means that you can plug it in and presumably charge and download iTunes stuff on it. Like I said, I don’t have any more information, so I’m not certain if the C-lamp can double as a speaker.

I will have to give points to Conof’s simplicity of design. The Bauhaus form follows function rule applies here, as there is a stand and the light, all in a simple shape everyone recognizes from everyone’s favorite third letter of the alphabet.

My sources don’t tell me when the Conof USB Lamp will be available, or what the price will be.


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