AverMedia rolls out DVI Box 7


AverMedia Technologies aims to be at the forefront of set-top box TV tuners yet again by releasing the DVI Box 7, which will oust the AVerTV Box 7 in the process. The beauty about having the DVI Box 7 is the lack of a PC won’t be a problem whatsoever since this takes the tried and tested route of plug and play. All you need is a LCD or (God forbid) CRT monitor and you’re good to go, where the standalone AVerTV DVI Box 7 will be able to hook you up to an analog TV to catch standard over-the-air shows or via a standard analog TV coax cable. It also won’t take up additional space in your living room, since this TVBox tuner will come in a slim profile to suit even the most cramped apartments.

The thing that would be on most skeptics’ minds is this – what makes the AverTV DVI Box 7 different from the rest? Well, other than breathing in new life to your LCD/CRT monitor, it will also turn your multimedia projector into a TV and plug and play multimedia entertainment hub simultaneously, all without forking out much dough. You will also be able to hook up other entertainment devices including camcorders, DVD players and game consoles, mesmerizing you with larger than life images in a single, centralized location. The AverTV DVI Box 7 is also accompanied by a full function remote control that enables users to switch between their TV, PC and other audio video inputs in an instant – guess there’ll be more people in the family going after the remote control now.

An interesting (and new) feature that the TVBox tuner carries is the “Picture Pause” function, allowing one to view all displayed information including lottery results, phone numbers and recipes without missing a beat. After taking down the necessary information, you can continue viweing your program in real time. Other features include 13 channel preview and transparent PIP (Picture-In-Picture) technology for your viewing pleasure. The AVerTV DVI TVBox 7 will hook up via standard DVI (Digital Visual Interface) with input/output resolution up to 1,920 x 1,200 and VGA (Video Graphics Array) resolution up to 1,280 x 1,024. It is available for $119.99 a pop.

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